Water Features
Koi Ponds, Waterfalls, Rivers and Fountains
waterfall with cascading river
We're one of the few companies building water features like this in the southeast. We can create a simple bubbling rock for background noise and birds in your garden. Build on top and into your existing pool and pool deck to create a water feature for your pool. Or create a koi pond in your backyard with multiple waterfalls, rivers and basins. Our team are true artists and can bring any vision to life.
stacked stone waterfall into pool

Construction of our water features is almost as impressive as the finished product. We take extreme care and attention to the fine details to ensure your display is problem free and runs smooth with minimal maintenance. All potential areas that may be a problem in the future are addressed during the build with multiple tests. We seal all open cavities that could potentially have water run behind. All bases are built on top of a foundation similar to house foundation. This ensures that your water feature doesn't settle over time an the water flows the way it was designed to do so from the beginning.

We use puncture, tear and UV resistant 45mil pond liner in all of our displays. Commercial grade pool pumps with 2" plumbing throughout mitigates the potential for clogs and debris build up.

Biological filtration solutions are available if you'd like your water feature to hold fish and other aquatic animals. Or we can install a chlorination system much like a pool to keep your water crystal clear year round.

Before we fill your new pond we'll ensure all the sediment and debris from the build is removed from the pond.

Not only will this allow your pond to look its best soon as it's filled but will ensure no unwanted debris gets into the plumbing and pump equipment early on which could cause potential water flow issues.


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