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We work with a variety of local nurseries and growers to provide you with the highest plant quality and selection possible.


In addition to carrying hundreds of species of shrubs, plants and flowers. We also have a huge selection of trees! Mango, Avocado, Peach and nut trees are almost always in stock. We try our best to stock some of the most popular varieties of trees and palms but we're always on the hunt for those unique species. Royal Poinciana, Tibouchina, Cassia, Geiger and Jacaranda to name a few.


We grow all of our seasonal flowers, herbs and vegetables IN HOUSE using organic nutrients and sustainable growing practices.


Not only are we a proud retailer of Espoma products but it's the same products we use in our commercial farm! Their blends of organic nutrients and micronutrients are truly a game changer. We used to blend our own from scratch using a variety of materials such as bone meal, blood meal, seaweed, etc until we decided to try Espoma's products as it was pretty similar to the blend we were making for years. The truth is in the plants that's for sure. Our flowers, herbs and veg are always producing like crazy, living far longer than their season intended and are extremely disease resistant.

Why Organic if your not eating it?

living soil diagram
Even if you're not going to eat the plants your growing organic gardening is a much more sustainable and eco friendly way of growing. Not only that but when done correctly you will have much healthier plants and will require less nutrients, saving you time and money.

The reason this is, is because of what's called a Living Soil. Living Soils are exactly what it sounds like, ALIVE! They are home to a variety of fungi, bacteria and micro organisms that all work together to provide the plant with readily available nutrients that can be easily taken up by the root systems.

Unlike synthetic nutrients which just feed the plant, organic nutrients feed the soil which in turn feed the plant. In time this provides a healthy root zone eco system for the plant to grow, resist disease and pests.
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