Rocks & Boulders
The Flintstones would be proud.

It our efforts to be a one stop shop for all your landscaping needs. We ended up becoming the areas largest supplier of decorative stones! We opened a whole new yard just for our rocks selection and are calling that space Quarryland. Quarryland is attached to the garden center and houses all of our small pebbles to our massive boulders as well as bulk aggregates, soils and mulches.
We source our stones from all over the country to bring you the best selection and the best possible prices. No middle men here we are the importer and distributor! We deliver as well as drop ship depending on your needs


Tired of replacing your mulch year after year or watching it wash away during a storm? Using small rocks instead not only last forever but brings a whole new element and color contrast to your landscaping. Instead of using just plants in your design lets put a few 2-4' large boulders in and design around that. Depending on your applications these rocks may be more expensive up front to include in your landscape budget but they are maintenance free! No water, no fertilizer, all weather.. forever


In addition to having the largest selection of decorative rocks in the area. We're also the largest basalt rock retailer. We have a dozen varieties of Basalt stone fountains ranging from small bird feeders to large pedestal fountains. Firepits, fieldstones and decorative stone light sconces. We also carry a selection of polished marble orbs, stone lounge chairs and benches.
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